About Me


Hello! My name is Andrew Larson.

I’ve been in the restaurant industry since I was 13 years old, my Dad was a chef so I grew up in the kitchen. I’ve been a bartender since I turned 21.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated countless stories and have built up a vast knowledge of spirits and food. I’m finally ready to share my tips, tricks and personal insight into this thing we all know as “The Industry”.

This blog will be a compilation of how-to’s, recipes and techniques. I will also review products and share some personal stories and experiences that I’ve had behind the bar. I hope to collaborate & interact with other industry professionals. I want to share stories and insights as well. Overall, I hope to be able to document and share the things that make this industry tick.

I really fell in love with bartending when I moved to Seattle and began to work at RN74. I was fortunate to have some very talented mentors that helped shape my skills and taught me the true meaning of hospitality. (Big thanks to you all, you know who you are!)

In Seattle, I worked for some fun places; Tavern Law, Needle & Thread (a speakeasy), Smith and Knee High Stocking Company.

In February of 2016 I moved to San Diego, CA.

I currently work at The Hake in La Jolla. Stop by for a drink and some amazing food anytime!

I am also available for consulting work. I would love to help you create a cocktail menu for your restaurant, event space, wedding, etc… Just use the contact page to get in touch with me and we can meet in person or over Skype to discuss your specific needs.

Articles & Site – Written & Edited by Kendall Wood
Many Photos/Videos – Thanks To: Medium Raw Arts (Jim Sullivan)